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Friday, 5 February 2016
You Said, We Did

We welcome your comments, concerns, complaints and compliments – through listening to your experiences we can learn and make improvements for everyone.

We held a stakeholder meeting in March 2014; we asked over 200 patients for their comments and feedback on what should always happen at each stage of their outpatient pathway. Find out more about what was said and what we did in the documents at the foot of the page.

Using your feedback to make changes to benefit all patients and carers.

Here are some ways that we have been listening to you:

You said... What we did...
“It would be useful to have a phone number to call for support when leaving Critical Care.” A pilot service has been set up to see how we can make this work.
“Free wi-fi would make all the difference to patients, especially children and young people.” Free wi-fi now available. View the poster here.
"Access to food for family members and visitors out of café hours is needed." A trial of opening Café Gypps out of hours is under way (October 2014).
"Patients with dementia would benefit from activities and reminiscence." A dementia activities coordinator is now employed via the Constable Suite (complex care unit).
"Walking across the site is a long way to go with no rest points." Five benches have now been provided at strategic points across the site.
A number of improvements to our Complaints service were suggested via a survey of 100 previous complainants. A new process and policy have been introduced and a new ‘easy read’ leaflet is now available. View the leaflet here.
"Cancer patients finding parking spaces close enough to the unit too difficult." 24 car parking spaces in the Hunnitot’s Car Park reserved for cancer outpatients attending for treatment.
Numerous calls were received from patients who were frustrated at not being able to get through to the Fracture Clinic. This was escalated and phones were then given priority and not ignored by implementing a designated receptionist to take calls.
Since then we have not experienced any more problems.
"The bread for the sandwiches being served on the wards is too thick." Thinner bread for sandwiches served to inpatients.
"It is difficult to walk up the slope to Woolverstone Day Unit." A handrail has been installed.
"Patients in Endoscopy don’t know how long they have to wait before being seen." Patients will be informed if there is a delay in the Unit, plus letters sent out with appointments informing patients how long they should expect to be in the Unit for treatment.
"There are problems with access to X-Ray." Open access will start from 8am and across the lunchtime period to hopefully smooth out peaks and demands.
Will look at trialling ‘appointment only’ in evening clinics.
Radiography staff numbers were reviewed and an additional radiographer is available every day.
“It would be helpful if there was some written information for us about the removal of Kirschner Wires from children.“ The Plaster Room has developed an information sheet explaining the removal of K Wires in children.
“It is frustrating when we can’t get through to the department nor leave a message.“   We have installed a new phone system which ensures that calls are diverted to reach a staffed phone.
“It is hard to see ‘at a glance’ what your job titles are.“ We have introduced new lanyards which show clearly what our job titles are.
“Staff did not fully understand (my quite rare) condition known as Myasthenia.“ Post-graduate training sessions for clinical staff have been arranged by our Medical Director who also contacted the National Myasthenia Association with a view to them putting up a display of educational information in the Education Centre.
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