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Sunday, 26 June 2016
You Said, We Did

We welcome your comments, concerns, complaints and compliments – through listening to your experiences we can learn and make improvements for everyone.

We held a stakeholder meeting in March 2014; we asked over 200 patients for their comments and feedback on what should always happen at each stage of their outpatient pathway. Find out more about what was said and what we did in the documents at the foot of the page.

Using your feedback to make changes to benefit all patients and carers.

Here are some ways that we have been listening to you – February 2016:

You said... What we did...
“We don’t know how long the wait is." (Ophthalmology) Staff are keeping patients better informed of delays in the Ophthalmology clinics.
“Access to refreshments is limited." (Critical Care) A review of snacks available to patients on the Critical Care Unit is underway
“Nowhere to put personal items such as false teeth or hearing aids.” Holders for personal belongings have been ordered and will roll out ward by ward.
“There are concerns about medications and discharge." (Capel Ward) Capel Ward has revised their discharge checklist to ensure safety, especially in relation to medication.
"Not clear if people with diabetes could drink the cordial on the trolley." (Capel Ward) The drinks are now clearly labelled ‘low sugar’.
"Not clear where to come for my first appointment." Letters for first appointments have been improved.
"The dementia information packs for carers have no information about the support workers." The packs have been updated to include the correct information.


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