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Tuesday, 21 October 2014
You Said, We Did

We welcome your comments, concerns, complaints and compliments – through listening to your experiences we can learn and make improvements for everyone.

Using your feedback to make changes to benefit all patients and carers.

September 2013 – here are some ways that we have been listening to you:

You said... What we did...
“The distance from the disabled spaces at entrance 15 to the department is too far.” There are now two spaces in the staff car park behind the Dermatology/Plastic Surgery Department.
“Coming in an hour early for an INR check prior to surgery is inconvenient.” We have purchased a machine to check patients' INR with a quick and simple prick test giving an instant result.
“There are no baby changing facilities in the North end of the hospital, when the children’s Plastic Surgery clinic is held here.” Plastic Surgery have arranged to have a changing unit available in their department.