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The Patient and Carer Experience Group (PCEG)

PCEG is led by the Director of Nursing and Quality bringing hospital staff from each area (matrons, ward clerks, healthcare assistants, nurses etc) and patient representatives together on an equal footing to oversee how we improve the whole experience for patients and carers.

By 'patient experience' we mean the whole experience of being a patient with us – from the first appointment contact through to discharge and including family carers as part of the holistic view of the patient. We know that for most patients this 'journey' is smooth and causes few difficulties. We also know that for some patients (and their carers) this is not the case and that their 'journey' may contain particular points along the way that have caused problems and/or distress in some way.

PCEG is part of the governance structure of the hospital and reports to the Healthcare Governance Committee, a sub-committee of the Board. The group meets bi-monthly during which time the group members will hear from ward matrons about how they are responding to patient feedback, what they have done to deal with concerns or complaints, issues raised via surveys etc.

This means they are accountable to the PCEG, their peers, user representatives and the Director of Nursing and Quality.

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