Welcome to Ipswich Hospital
Our Passion, Your Care
We Will...

Help to keep you and patients safe:

  • Comply with infection control procedures, ensuring that facilities for hand hygiene are easily available.
  • Do all we can to protect patients from cross infection.
  • Ensure the environment is clean and clutter free.
  • Answer your questions about infection control.

Keep you informed (with the patient’s permission):

  • Only share patient sensitive information to known contacts.
  • Support patients' next of kin or main family carer who wish to speak to a member of the medical team.
  • Involve you in discussions and planning around discharge.

Work with you to provide the best personalised care:

  • We will find out about the patient and use the information you provide to help them feel as safe and comfortable as possible.
  • Support you (if you wish) to be involved in providing personal care such as helping at mealtimes, with washing and sitting with the patient. >> Find out more information about support for family carers.
  • Enable you stay overnight if you need to.
  • Listen to any concerns and worries you have and respond to them quickly and sensitively – we want to know if we are not getting it right so we can do something.
  • Support you to take a break – we want you to feel confident to leave the patient in our care so you can take the rest and respite you need.
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