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Monday, 26 June 2017
Visiting the Maternity wards

Welcome to Ipswich Hospital.

To protect the privacy of our patients and reduce the possibility of infections being brought in to the ward environment, there is limited visiting to the Maternity wards.

Your partner or one named visitor may visit from 9 am to 9 pm. There is the opportunity for your partner to stay overnight. Please speak to your midwife, who can provide more information. This will require you to sign an agreement.

Family and friends are welcome to visit on Brook Birthing Centre and Orwell Ward between 3 pm and 7 pm only. If visitors arrive outside of these hours it will not be possible for them to enter the wards, so please ask them not to visit outside these times unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Visitors are limited to a total of three per bedside, including your partner. The only children under the age of 12 permitted to visit are your partner’s and your own. We limit the number of people with you in labour to two. Any other people will be asked to leave the ward.

The Maternity wards and Neonatal Unit are accessed via an intercom / CCTV system; your visitors may have to wait at busy times to gain entry to the wards.

It is very important that we reduce the risk of infection to all mothers and babies. For this reason, we ask everyone to use the alcohol hand gel provided before entering any wards or clinics. Hands should be washed thoroughly before and after contact with babies, which must be kept to a minimum by your visitors.

We also ask that all visitors, including partners, do not sit or lie on the beds.