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Wednesday, 2 September 2015
Our Commitment to Family Carers
Ipswich Hospital is committed to Caring for Carers

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Ipswich Hospital was a runner-up in the Communicating Effectively with Patients and Families category at the Patient Experience Network National Awards 2012

If you have been identified as a ‘family carer’ we aim to work in partnership with you and provide you with help and support. Below, you will see our commitments to you and information about where to get additional support.

We will recognise and value you in your caring role and we will treat you with dignity and respect:

  • As the ‘main family carer’ you will be the named contact for the duration of the stay for the person you care for and we will complete a Carers Contract with you.

We will include you as a valued partner in the planning and delivery of their care and treatment, especially in planning their discharge:

  • If you need to visit outside of visiting times just discuss this with the ward matron to ensure everyone is aware and we will work with you to accommodate requirements. Please feel able to assist at mealtimes and with personal care needs if you wish to – discuss with the ward matron.
  • Tell us about the person you care for – bring in or complete a ‘This Is Me’ form or a learning disability passport, or tell us about their likes and dislikes, what calms them, food they enjoy, what their job is or was, what they prefer to be called.
  • Tell us about your situation at home and what help and support is needed to enable a timely discharge.

We will provide access to information about the support that is available to you as a carer:

  • Contact Sally Ryan, Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurse – 01473 702536
  • Contact Suffolk Family Carers Helpline – 0844 225 3099, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 9 am – 4.30 pm and Tuesdays 9 am – 7.30 pm
  • Contact PALS – freephone 0800 328 7624 or 01473 704781

We will provide you with:

  • Time to talk through your concerns and worries – you are welcome to book time to speak to the ward matron, doctor, chaplain etc.
  • Frequent visitor’ car parking permits – ask the ward staff for details.
  • Overnight accommodation – may be available depending on the ward or department – ask the ward matron.
  • Carers’ Cabin more information about the Carers’ Cabin.

As a carer you have a right to:

  • Request a Carers Assessment from Social Services giving you the opportunity to discuss the help you need to continue caring. This should take into consideration your work, study and leisure requirements.
  • Information about the range of support and services available to help you care and to give you a break.
  • Benefits advice.

What help is there for me?

  • You may be entitled to a Carers Assessment if you provide a substantial amount of care
  • You may be able to access help to take a break
  • You may be entitled to certain benefits
  • You might wish to speak to someone to discuss your caring role
  • You might like to take part in social activities and / or meet other family carers
  • You might begin to consider your own needs and take care of yourself too.

Suffolk Family Carers (SFC) support and information workers
Ipswich Hospital is working in partnership with Suffolk Family Carers to offer support to Family Carers while the person they look after is in hospital:

  • providing a key point of contact;
  • offering one-to-one support;
  • supporting you while the person you care for is in hospital;
  • linking you to support after discharge; and
  • providing you with information and guidance.

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