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Learning Disabilities and Autism Support in Hospital

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Roger Blake  Our learning disability liaison nurse
is Roger Blake.

He is available
Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm.
You can call him on 01473 702517.
If Roger is not available, please leave a message and he will call you back as soon as possible.

What does the learning disability liaison nurse do?

Work directly with you, your carers, family and hospital staff to make your hospital stay better.

  Support reasonable adjustments  so your stay is easier.
Assist with planning before and after the appointment or stay.
Provide training and guidance for staff  in the hospital to work with people with learning disabilities.

Health Passports

Health Passports are resources for people with learning disabilities, and/or autism, who might need to use health services. The passports are designed to help people with learning disabilities, and/or autism, to communicate their needs to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Ipswich Hospital
My Health Passport
National Autistic society
Autism Hospital Passport

Changing Places Toilet

The changing places toilet is a specialist toilet for people with disability. It is located in the Rheumatology Department of the hospital.

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Would you like to join the Ipswich Hospital Learning Disabilites Action Group?

Contact Roger Blake on 01473 702517.