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Friday, 22 June 2018
Outpatient Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to what you should bring with you to your appointment.

  • Your appointment letter/card and any other information that we have sent you.
  • Any medicines, creams, drops or inhalers that you are taking at the moment.
  • A urine specimen, if required.
  • Spectacles/hearing aid, if worn.
  • Information about any change in your personal details, for example, if you have a new address, a new GP, or a different next-of-kin.
  • Proof of entitlement to free prescriptions.

Please ensure that only one person accompanies you into the clinic as there is limited space. Other family members can wait in Cafe 10 or another of the hospital's public areas.

What about money and valuables?
Please bring only the minimum amount of money and valuables with you. Jewellery should be left at home, including rings and watches, whenever possible.
The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings.

Mobile phones
Mobile phones can be used in main entrance areas, corridors and restaurants. However, please do not use them in wards, outpatient clinics and other clinical areas within the hospital.

If you need to make a telephone call there are a number of coin-operated payphones around the hospital site. Ask a member of staff to direct you to the nearest one.

Before you leave the hospital
Check with any of the clinic staff if you are expected to attend for any further visits.
Please make sure you have made your follow-up appointment if necessary.
If your appointment is more than six weeks ahead, you may be added to a follow-up waiting list. You will be contacted with appointment details nearer to when your appointment is due.

If you have been given a follow-up appointment and are eligible for hospital transport, make sure that you have booked your transport for your next visit. Ask a member of staff to do this for you or speak to Hospital Transport staff based in Outpatient Reception (Entrance 6).

Check you have all your belongings.