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Inpatient Checklist

Storage space on the wards is very limited, so please ensure that you bring essential items only

Use this checklist as a guide to what you should bring with you.
You can click on the link on the left of the page to print this list.

Your admission letter
Tablets and medicines. Please bring all your tablets, creams, drops, medicines etc that you are currently taking, including herbal remedies and any medicines you have bought.

Night clothes
Dressing gown
You may keep your day clothes but try to arrange for your suitcase to be taken home.
It may help to put your name in your clothes to prevent items getting lost.

Hairbrush, comb
Paper tissues
Toothbrush, toothpaste, denture cleaner
Face flannel, towels (hand and bath), wet wipes
Shaving equipment
Sanitary protection

Other useful items
Walking aids
Hearing aid
Special shoes
Postage stamps
Writing materials
Small change for telephone, newspapers, etc.
Items of religious importance to you.

Why should I bring my medication?
Bring all your tablets, creams, drops, medicines etc that you are currently taking, including herbal remedies and any medicines you have bought. This will allow our health staff to know exactly what you are taking.

On admission to the hospital, any medicine that you bring in with you will be placed in a bedside locker. This reduces any possible waste of medicines in the NHS. While you are in hospital your own supply of medicines may be used to treat you.

A 14-day supply of medicines that you require when you leave will be provided for you by the hospital. This is done to ensure your medicines are returned to you when you are discharged from hospital unless:
• Your doctors have stopped or changed your usual medication.
• Your medication is no longer suitable for use, for example, out of date.

If you have any queries about any of the above ask to speak to the ward pharmacist or a member of the nursing staff.

What about money and valuables?
Please bring only the minimum amount of money and valuables with you. Jewellery should be left at home, including rings and watches, whenever possible. Although a bedside cabinet is provided, this cannot be locked, so you should not leave money or valuable items in it.

The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings. For security reasons money deposited with us will be banked. Sums over £100 will be returned to you in the form of a cheque.

Can I bring electrical equipment?
We would request that you bring the minimum of electrical equipment with you during your stay, as any item that you bring will have to be checked by our electricians. This is to ensure that there are no faults, which will interfere with hospital electrical supplies. This process could take at least 48 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays.

The time that is spent on checking patients' electrical items means less time for ensuring important pieces of hospital equipment are repaired or serviced.

The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal electrical items, so please ensure that they are covered by your own personal insurance.

Mobile phones
Mobile phones can be used in main entrance areas, corridors and restaurants. However, please do not use them in wards, outpatient clinics and other clinical areas within the hospital.

If you need to make a telephone call there are a number of coin-operated payphones around the hospital site. Ask a member of staff to direct you to the nearest one.