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Going Home
The nursing staff will be working with you and your carer from the time you are admitted to help you plan for when you are ready to leave hospital. This is referred to as your ‘discharge’ home.

The staff may need to ask you some questions about the facilities you have at home, for example, will you be able to use your bathroom and toilet easily, how many stairs do you have to climb, etc and if you have anyone who will be able to support you at home during your recovery.

They will also need to know about any support you already receive from organisations like Social Care Services or community health professionals, such as district nurses. The aim of these questions is to ensure that all the services you need are in place before you leave hospital, including extra help that may be required due to your stay in hospital.
We aim to discharge patients during the morning, but this is not always possible because of transport, medication or waiting for family or friends to come and collect you.

If your condition permits, you may be transferred from the ward to the Discharge Lounge

Discharge Lounge
On the day of your discharge, when ward-based care is no longer required, you will (if appropriate) be transferred to the Discharge Lounge to be collected by a relative, family carer, friend or hospital transport.

Please check with staff how long you may have to wait until the discharge process is completed before you arrange transport.

Hot and cold beverages will be provided for you in the Discharge Lounge. These will be free of charge.

Once you are well enough to leave the hospital we ask that you make your own arrangements for getting home. Our staff will talk to you about what time you should be ready to leave by, but it is normally 11am. If there is a medical need for you to have hospital transport to take you home then this will be arranged.

We will ensure that you have two weeks’ supply of medication available when you are discharged. This may include any supplies you have in your bedside locker. You will need to contact your GP for further supplies.

Please be aware that once your hospital doctor has said you can go home you may have to wait while the medication you need to take home is ordered and prepared. The medication should be explained to you to ensure you understand how to take it and any side effects. Please ask if you are unsure about your medication.

Before you leave hospital

  • Make transport arrangements to get home.
  • Check you have your prescription and any medication that has been dispensed to you.
  • Check with the nursing staff if you need to make an appointment to attend an outpatient clinic.
  • Please inform the staff of the full address of the place you are being discharged to.
  • Check you have all your belongings with you and that you have collected any valuables you had placed in the hospital safe.
  • Insurance claim forms can be handed in at South Finance on your departure to be processed. There is a fee, at present £10.00, for this service.

After discharge
If you have any medical concerns following your discharge please contact your GP.