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Fire Safety

The event of a fire in a hospital is very rare, but by familiarising yourself with the information on this page you can be as prepared as possible should a fire occur.

If you discover a fire

  • Alert a member of staff immediately. They will take any further action needed, so follow any instructions you are given quickly, calmly and carefully.
  • The Bed/Site Manager on duty is the operational responsible person for all fire issues. They will wear a yellow arm band at any incident.
  • Take instruction from this person or the Suffolk Fire Service Personnel.

On hearing the fire alarm signal (intermittent)

  • Prepare for evacuation but await for further information /signal.

On hearing the fire alarm signal (continuous evacuation signal)

  • In a medical area, staff will move you to a place of safety where you should await further instruction.
  • In all other areas, leave the fire zone by the nearest fire exit. You will be directed to assembly points by staff.

Fire prevention advice

  • DO NOT wedge fire doors open.
  • DO NOT place items, obstructions or combustible materials within means of escape routes and corridors.