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Coming to the Hospital for an Outpatient Appointment

Access guides for Ipswich Hospital

Thank you for choosing Ipswich Hospital for your care.

We will have sent you a letter which tells you which is the nearest entrance to use for your appointment - please bring this letter with you. If you would like to see a photograph of the entrance you need, just click on any of the photographs below.



Things to bring with you:

The letter or appointment card with details of your visit

Any medicine, creams, drops or inhalers you currently take

Any samples we have asked you to bring

Information about you if you have moved home, or have a new GP for example, or a different next-of-kin.

Confirmation of entitlement to free prescriptions.



Mobile phones can be used throughout the outpatient department.

Clinics are very busy so it would be much appreciated if you ask only one person to come with you for your appointment.