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We know that coming to hospital as an inpatient can be a worrying time for many people. At Ipswich Hospital we do our best to make sure your stay is as easy as possible and your care is the best we can give. To help you prepare for your stay as an inpatient the information in this section will help put you at ease and explain what will happen during your visit.

We have divided this information into three sections:

If you are looking for more general information, please remember to look under Information for Everyone Coming to Ipswich Hospital.

If you are unable to come into hospital on the date you have been given, please let us know as soon as possible. Telephone 01473 703142 or 703140 Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, or 01473 703650 9am – 12 noon for Gynaecology admissions.

All the information on these pages is also available in one document which you can find below. This might be helpful if you want to print out the information.

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