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General Information

We welcome visitors to patients and recognise their invaluable role in supporting the recovery of patients.

The aim of this information is to provide standard guidance to all visitors and family carers to the benefit of all patients, visitors, family carers and staff.

Wards can be very busy places and each ward will have a routine including:

  • ward rounds – doctors visit the wards to see their patients and their ward rounds happen most days and sometimes there is more than one round in a day;
  • handovers – this is when the nursing shifts change – vital information is exchanged to ensure continuity of care – information may be confidential – please see nursing staff before handover;
  • medication rounds – you will see the nurses doing the rounds wearing red tabards – please do not disturb them, they are concentrating;
  • preparing people for mealtimes – patients are given the opportunity to wash hands and declutter tables etc ahead of food arriving – main family carers are welcome to help with this;
  • ‘protected mealtimes’ – this is a period when activities such as doctors visits, tests etc are limited unless urgent to allow patients to eat and enjoy their meals – main family carers are welcome to help with this;
  • visits from a range of clinicians – a range of clinicians may visit during the day to carry out tests, treat or help patients prepare for leaving eg; blood tests, physiotherapy - you may be asked to leave whilst these take place; and
  • patients being taken for tests – patients may also be taken off the ward for various tests and procedures – you may wish to wait in the day room or take the opportunity to have a break.

Each ward will provide information to you and patients about their particular routine.

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