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Information for Day Case Patients

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Coming into hospital as a day case patient means you come in and go home again on the day of your operation. The information on these pages will help you prepare and plan for your stay as a day case patient.

You may also want to familiarise yourself with our Information for Inpatients, as some of the information will also be relevant to you.

As a day case patient you will not have to stay overnight in hospital and you can get back to the comfort of your own home sooner. Patients actually recover quicker at home. You will probably sleep better and you will be at less risk of infection.

The team which cares for you in hospital will always make sure you are fully prepared to go home. They will discuss pain relief and things to look out for and they will give you a telephone number incase you have any queries.

Thanks to medical advances, more and more operations can be performed as day cases. However, before we ask you in as a day case we will always assess your needs. Sometimes there will be clinical reasons why we ask you to stay overnight either before or after your operation.

If you are a day case patient it is very important to:

  • make transport plans to get home. If you think you will be unable to get yourself home safely, ask a relative or friend before you come in if they can collect you. If you are a patient in the Raedwald Day Surgery Unit, you must have a responsible adult collect you and stay with you overnight when you get home; and
  • have the medicines you need ready for when you arrive home. In most cases, if the hospital prescribes you medicine you will be charged the prescription costs. The Raedwald Day Surgery Unit can only prescribe medication you cannot get over the counter so remember to stock up on pain relief before you come in.

Raedwald Day Surgery Unit

Most day surgery procedures are carried out in the Raedwald Day Surgery Unit, in the landmark Garrett Anderson Centre.

The unit has four operating theatres, 18 single adult day surgery trolley cubicles, a six-bay post anaesthetic recovery suite and a recovery lounge for minor operation patients. Children are treated in a dedicated paediatric area with a play room and seven day surgery trolleys bays.

Because patients have their own private space, relatives who accompany you to hospital can sit and wait for you while you have your procedure.

Artwork decorating the unit has been donated by The National Trust. The name 'Raedwald' comes from the first king of East Anglia, King Raedwald, who is believed to have been buried at Suffolk’s Sutton Hoo.

The leaflets below will help you prepare for your admission.

What our patients say

"Thank you to all the staff on Raedwald for being so kind and caring to me on the afternoon of my surgery."

"The team looked after my little girl with great care, she was made to feel at ease and they made the visit and operation better for her."

"A nice clean hospital with all the staff helping no end."

"There was a lovely man helping me come round from the anaesthetic. Absolutely everyone has been very sweet, even the initial receptionist's cheerfulness was very reassuring. I've actually enjoyed my time here!"

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