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Contacting Us by Email

Please note: We are unable to offer specific advice to members of the public regarding their medical conditions. If you require medical advice please contact your GP. Alternatively, please contact NHS 111 service free of charge.

Ipswich Hospital is moving toward email communication with its patients. We must obtain your consent before using email as a method of communication. Consent can be taken over the phone or face to face, but you will need to confirm your consent in writing by completing one of our consent forms.

Please do not misuse this service by sending junk or spam mail because it distracts departments from patient-focused work.

There are risks with emailing. These are detailed in the consent form. Please note by completing the consent form, you are consenting to the email address you provide us with to be sent information by the hospital. Please bear this in mind if you share your email address with other people.

You will never receive bad news via email. Some issues can only be explained in person or by face to face. Your clinician will advise you if this is the case.

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