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Friday, 9 October 2015
Caring for Carers at Ipswich Hospital
Ipswich Hospital is committed to Caring for Carers

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Ipswich Hospital was a runner-up in the Communicating Effectively with Patients and Families category at the Patient Experience Network National Awards 2012

What is a family carer?

A family carer is defined as someone of any age who spends time looking after a relative, child, partner or friend who is frail, ill or who has a physical disability, learning disability or mental health problem.

This care is unpaid and for the purposes of this policy does not include people who work as volunteers or paid carers; these people should be referred to as 'care workers' or ‘support workers’.

Family carers can come from all backgrounds, cultures and be of any age or gender. A young carer is a child or person under the age of 18 who carries out significant caring tasks or who assumes a level of responsibility for another person, which would normally be undertaken by another adult.

Many people who are family carers do not necessarily recognise themselves as such. They are parents, children, partners, friends or neighbours who are simply doing what is needed and what they consider to be their duty or responsibility. Such people may not realise that support is available to them in their caring role.Image of the Ipswich Hospital Family Carers Passport

Tell us if you are a family carer – ask about our Carers Contract, Passport and badge – we want to work in partnership with you to deliver the best care.