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Referring to Nutrition and Dietetic Services

Referral criteria and sources
Referrals are accepted for individuals who have a clear need for nutrition support (MUST score 2 or more) or therapeutic diet. Individuals are accepted for weight-reducing advice if they have a BMI >28 with co-morbidities.

GPs, community consultants and other health and social care professionals can refer into the service as well as care home staff and generic workers.

Referral route
Referrals can be made by letter or community referral form by post or by fax.

Referrals are triaged within the Nutrition and Dietetic Service.

Exclusion criteria

  • eating disorder: Individuals with a primary diagnosis of an eating disorder or who score more than 30 on the Eating Attitudes Test are referred to the Community Mental Health Teams for assessment and onward referral to Suffolk East Eating Disorder Service as appropriate;
  • geographical location: For direct access referrals individuals registered with a GP outside of the east of Suffolk are referred to their local dietetic service;
  • weight management*; and
  • parenteral nutrition: Individuals with home parenteral nutrition remain under the care of the tertiary care provider.

* Children requiring weight management advice should be referred to the separately commissioned county-wide service provided by LiveWell Suffolk. Children at special schools will be assessed by an Ipswich Hospital dietitian and referred on as appropriate. Adults requiring weight management advice living in the 20% most deprived MSOAs should be referred to the separately commissioned service provided by LiveWell Suffolk.

For adults requiring follow-up after bariatric surgery (gastric bypass) at a tertiary centre, long-term nutritional follow-up support should be provided by the specialist centre as part of the commissioned service.

For patients newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and referred to the DESMOND programme, separate funding is received for the delivery of these programmes which are provided in locations across east Suffolk in conjunction with the Diabetes nurse specialists.

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