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Entrances for Patients and Visitors

Access guides for Ipswich Hospital

Here are all our public entrances so you can see where you need to find.

Entrance 1a:
Emergency Department

Entrance 1b:
Critical Care, Lavenham Ward, Raedwald Day Surgery Unit and Eye Suite

Entrance 2:
South Wards

Entrance 3:
Orthopaedic and Fracture

Entrance 5:
Physiotherapy, Rheumatology and Bone Density (DXA) Unit

Entrance 6:
Outpatient Departments

Entrance to Parentcraft Rooms

Entrance 7:
Antenatal and Gynaecology Clinic

Entrance 8:
Maternity Block

Entrance 12:
Diabetes and Endocrine Centre

Entrance to the Diabetic Foot Clinic
Adjacent Entrance 15: North Entrance

Entrance 15:
North Entrance


Entrance to Renal Unit