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What is Ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology is the word used to describe the diagnosis and treatment of all eye problems including injury and medical disorders.

These medical disorders may involve the eye alone or the eye together with other general medical conditions.

Ophthalmologists may prescribe spectacles and contact lenses to improve sight and perform surgery for eye conditions such as cataracts.

Optometry is clinical work consisting of diagnostic refraction for spectacles and contact lens fitting. Optometrists (also known as opticians) manage patients with visual impairment, providing clinical support and visual aids to maintain their clients independence. They also screen patients for various ophthalmic conditions. An optometrist is not a medical doctor and cannot treat eye conditions, but their ophthalmic knowledge is extensive and they will refer patients to an ophthalmologist if necessary.

The Orthoptic Department provides clinical support specialising in the assessment of paediatric visual behaviour, binocular vision and its abnormalities.