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The Eye Department

The Eye Department (also referred to as the Ophthalmic Department or Ophthalmology) is made up of: the Eye Clinic; the Ophthalmic Pre-operative Assessment Clinic; the Ophthalmic Day Care Unit (ODCU); the Eye Theatre; and the Garrett Anderson Eye Suite (GAES).

Each department is located in different areas in the hospital, which makes it very important for you find out exactly where you have to go.

You can use the controls on the map below to scroll around the map and zoom in and out to have a closer look.

More information about getting to and around Ipswich Hospital.

All areas are open from Monday to Friday only, not on bank holidays and not overnight.

In an emergency outside of working hours, please call the hospital switchboard on 01473 712233 and ask for the eye doctor on-call.

When you attend an appointment in the Eye Department please read your appointment letter very carefully as it gives details about the location and specific requirements for your visit.

When you have to come to any of our units/departments please bring the following things with you:

  • any current spectacles;
  • a list of all your current medication;
  • urine specimen (only for the Ophthalmic Pre-operative Assessment Clinic); and
  • your diary in case we need to arrange further appointments.

We also recommend that a relative or friend comes with you, as we might give you eye drops and they will blur your vision for a few hours. Therefore it is important that you do not drive yourself home from this appointment.

You should also be prepared to be at the hospital for a few hours.

Emergency Eye Appointments
Your GP or optician will contact the eye doctor on-call, who will tell you when and where to attend.
The 'green card' system is no longer in operation, you will need to contact your GP or optician to be re-referred.