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The Eye Clinic

Access guides for Ipswich Hospital

The eye clinic is open 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. The telephone number for the clinic is 01473 703230. The reception staff leave the clinic at approximately 4.30pm, when an answering machine will be switched on.

The main patient waiting area has two reception desks, one for arrivals and one for departures. The arrivals desk has a hearing loop for those patients with hearing aids. There is a small waiting area for children and their families which has a selection of toys and books to occupy busy hands and minds whilst waiting.

The waiting area is air-conditioned but can get very full on busy days.

When you attend an appointment in the eye clinic please read your appointment letter very carefully as it gives details about the location and specific requirements for your visit.

When you come to the eye clinic please bring the following things with you:

  • any current spectacles;
  • a list of all your current medication;
  • your diary in case we need to arrange further appointments; and
  • you recent spectacle prescription.

We also recommend you are accompanied by someone as eye drops could be administered and they will blur your vision for a few hours. Therefore it is important that you do not drive yourself home from this appointment.

You should also be prepared to be at the hospital for a few hours.