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Ophthalmic Pre-operative Assessment Clinic

The Ophthalmic Pre-operative Assessment Clinic is where you attend when you have been referred by your GP, optician or eye doctor for any type of surgery to the eye. It is reached via the main Outpatient entrance (Entrance 6).

The nursing staff will record your vision and perform a specific measurement of your eyes. The doctor will assess you and decide together with you and your partner or carer, whether surgery is necessary.

If it is, your nurse will discuss with you any requirements and specific care needs you may have, both on the day of the operation and on your discharge from hospital.

We will give you an information booklet and a copy of your written consent to take away, with all the relevant information confirming your discussion with the nurse and doctor.

Following the eye examination we may need to refer you to the eye clinic for further investigations. We will discuss this with you.

The nursing staff will give you all necessary information and are happy to answer all your questions.