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The entrance to the Ophthalmic Day Care Unit.

The entrance to the
Ophthalmic Day Care Unit.

Ophthalmic Day Care Unit

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The ophthalmic theatres are an integral part of the Ophthalmic Day Care Unit (ODCU).

ODCU is the place where your surgery takes place. The receptionist will welcome you, and you will be prepared for theatre by the nursing staff. Then you will be wheeled from this area into theatre by a special chair, which can be adjusted for the operation.

Most patients have their surgery under a local anaesthetic. They are able to recover in the unit and return home on the same day. If you have surgery under a general anaesthetic, you should be able to go home on the same day, however, some people may need to stay overnight in a ward.

Patients of all ages are catered for by the small team of specialist theatre staff who always try to make your short stay with us as comfortable as possible.

For further information, please telephone 01473 702655.