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The ENT and head & neck outpatients departments provide care for patients with a variety of problems including general ear, nose and throat diseases, neck lumps, cancers of the head and neck area, tear duct problems, facial skin lesions, balance and hearing disorders, snoring and sleep apnoea, ENT allergy problems, salivary gland diseases and voice disorders.

The Hearing Services Department and the Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) Department are also located within the outpatient area, working closely with the ENT and head & neck speciality to provide a comprehensive interlinking multidisciplinary service.

The Speech and Language Therapy Department (SLT) for adults is located next to ENT outpatients and provides specialist speech and language therapy for ENT and voice disorders. The SLT team based at the Ipswich Hospital provides service for both patients at the hospital and the east Suffolk community.

The closest entrance is entrance 6, signposted Outpatients. The unit is in the central (yellow) zone of the hospital.

The three departments provide many joint speciality clinics as well as individual patient services; however each department is managed separately and has independent clinic booking systems.

This specialist outpatient’s area benefited from an award of £975,000 from the NHS Modernisation Agency to improve the consultation facilities. The department now has five general clinic rooms, a head and neck clinic room, four soundproof audiology assessment rooms and a nurse consulting room.

We provide many specialist services within the ENT department and each specialist clinic has individual ways of assessing patients, often using specialist lighting equipment such as endoscopes and microscopes designed to look into an ear nose or throat.