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One-Day Symposium on Lacrimal Surgery
Aim: The symposium is primarily for ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists who are interested in lacrimal surgery. It would be particularly useful to those in the process of establishing a DCR practice in their department. The objective being to illustrate the range of techniques commonly used in major practice in the UK. Lacrimal Surgery Logo
Course Content: Lectures and live surgery.
Course Organiser: Matthew Yung
Venue: The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust Education Centre and Raedwald Day Surgery Unit
Faculty: Matthew Yung, Rachna Murthy – Ipswich; Bijan Beigi – Norwich; Cornelius René – Cambridge; Geoff Rose – London
Next course: 6 March 2018
Course Fee: £450.00 (includes refreshments and lunch).
Places reserved on receipt of enrolment card and payment.
Comments received: “excellent course”, “very good and educational”, “well organised and very enjoyable”
CPD Points: 6
CPD Feedback Score (out of 7): 6.6 (2017)
Contact: Jan Rudd, Course Secretary (for application form and further information)
ENT Department, Post Point C348, The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust,
Heath Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 5PD
Tel: + 44 (0)1473 703574/703527
Email: jan.rudd@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk