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Hearing Services Department

The Department of Hearing Services works as a separate service within the ENT Department. It provides a range of services to both adults and children:

  • adult audiology GP direct referral hearing aid clinics at Ipswich Hospital, Felixstowe General Hospital, Hadleigh Health Centre and Stowmarket Health Centre;
  • adult hearing aid repair services;
  • BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid) clinic;
  • balance investigation clinics;
  • specialist audiological investigation including auditory brainstem response test using click, tone burst, and bone conduction stimuli for paediatric threshold assessment and adult otoneurological investigation;
  • provision of custom noise protection, swimplugs;
  • paediatric audiology - children’s hearing aid clinic, neonatal diagnostic audiology; and
  • hearing therapy - counselling, therapy for those who have a progressive or sudden loss of hearing, communication training, communication courses, assistive-listening devices, lip-reading classes, tinnitus and balance rehabilitation, information and advice for those of working age.

Direct referrals from GPs are accepted for hearing aid assessment. Patients may self-refer for hearing aid repairs and associated audiology devices such as swimming and noise plugs.