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Clinic times vary but most clinics run from 9am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 4pm.

If you consent to have surgery at your clinic appointment we may ask you have a pre-operative health check on the same day or ask you to come back to the department for a pre-operative assessment at a later date, nearer the time of surgery. This appointment may include having a blood test, ECG, x-ray and hearing test if appropriate. Nurses usually carry out these appointments.

All three consultants run general clinics, specialist clinics and out-reach clinics at specific times in the month. Patients who have a clear diagnosis from their GP will be seen at the relevant specialist clinic.

Other medical staff also run specialist clinics with some direct referral via the Choose and Book System. Most patients will be referred to these clinics as appropriate after medical consultation in another clinic.

The Joint Head and Neck Clinic accept only secondary referrals following an initial consultation with one of the specialist surgeons.

Specialist Doctor Clinics

ENT Emergencies and A&E Clinics

Outreach Clinics

Non-doctor Clinics