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Your Appointment
Patients in the Ipswich Hospital Endoscopy Unit waiting room.

On arrival, please come to the reception desk where your details will be confirmed. Please let us know if there are any changes to your address, contact details or GP. A member of the nursing staff will spend some time getting to know you, and ensure you are prepared for your test. Your blood pressure and pulse will be recorded and the staff will be here to answer any questions that you may have. 

If you need to change into a hospital gown for the test you will be shown to the changing room.

We aim to keep the length of your appointment to a minimum, but sometimes there are delays for which we apologise. Our department is very busy and we also treat emergencies from the wards. We try to keep you updated as to how things are going. Our waiting room can get crowded, so if your friends or relatives would like to leave the department while you are having the test they can do so, and on return should ask our receptionist for an update as to how long you are likely to be.

For those with limited English we are able to provide a telephone interpreting service via LanguageLine.

If you have had sedation for your test, it is essential for someone with transport to collect you from the Endoscopy Unit. Once home, it is important that you rest for the remainder of the day. Sedation lasts longer than you think. If you have been given sedation during a procedure you should not:

  • drive a car;
  • operate machinery;
  • drink alcohol; or
  • make any financial or legal decisions.

The effects of the test and sedation should have worn off by the next day and most patients are able to resume their normal activities.

Your results and any further treatment will be discussed with you before you leave the department, but the results of samples taken can take at least three weeks. Details of the results and any necessary treatment will also be sent to your GP or hospital specialist, whoever recommended you for the procedure.