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Please find a list of resources below and a brief description.

Weight Loss

Food First Recipes
Provides recipes for the most used alternatives for oral nutritional supplements.

100kcal Boosters
Small and manageable snack ideas for those with a small appetite.

Easy Ways to Boost Your Intake
Information on how food fortification can help improve intake

High Energy, High Protein Diet
Ideas and tips on how to follow a high energy and high protein diet when intake is poor and there is a possible risk of malnutrition.

Tips for Improving Your Appetite
Ideas for improving intake when appetite is poor.

Finger Foods to Maintain Your Independence
Information for patients who are less able to manage meals without assistance, but are able to feed themselves with finger foods.

Tips for Carers – Preparing Food and Improving the Eating Environment
Information for carers regarding the eating environment and how to improve the intake of those that they care for.

Information on the importance of fluid including tips and ideas of how to improve fluid intake.

Nourishing Snacks
Ideas for nourishing snacks to have between meals which are high in energy and protein.

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