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Dietetic Services for Hospital Inpatients
Inpatient menus at Ipswich Hospital are planned with a dietitian

Nutritional screening

Patients are nutritionally screened on admission to hospital using the MUST tool (Malnutrition Universal Screening tool). If a patient is found to be at high risk of malnutrition, he or she is referred to a dietitian. Patients may also be referred to a dietitian if they require special dietary advice due to their clinical condition, for example coeliac disease, kidney disease or inflammatory bowel disease.

What will the dietitian do?

The dietitian will carry out a nutritional assessment based on:

  • clinical diagnosis and history;
  • blood test results;
  • body measurements – weight and height; and
  • dietary intake – current and previous.

Following this assessment, the dietitian will devise a treatment plan with the patient, their family and the staff on the ward.

The patient may be started on food or fluid charts to monitor theirr intake and may be given additional snacks, a special diet or nutritional supplements.


Copies of the hospital inpatient menu are available on the ward outlining all the menu options available at lunch and supper time. We have a soft, healthy eating and vegetarian option available at each mealtime. We can provide halal and kosher meals on request. We also cater for many different special dietary requirements such as gluten free, modified texture, low potassium. If you will require a special diet while in hospital, please inform a member of staff on the ward.