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Garrett Anderson
Visting the Unit
Between the hours of 6am and 9.30pm please enter the front of the Garrett Anderson Centre, via the elective care entrance on the ground floor, and then take the lift or stairs to the first floor.

Upon arrival at the Critical Care entrance, if there is no receptionist, use the phone at the desk to call 8325. Your call will be answered in the Unit. Please introduce yourself, give the name of the person you are visiting, and you will be collected from the reception.

If the receptionist is available they will contact the nurse caring for your loved one on your behalf. A member of staff will come to collect you and take you through the department. While we endeavour to show you into the Unit in a timely manner, we ask for your understanding and patience if we are unable to get to the door or answer the telephone quickly.

As part of the hospital's infection control measures, before entering the Unit, please either rub the alcohol gel into your hands or wash your hands. Repeat this when you leave the Unit.

The hospital's visiting policy allows only two visitors at a patient's bedside at any one time. Visiting should be kept to short periods as our patients need frequent rest. There may be some circumstances where these rules are waived; this is at the discretion of the nurse-in-charge.

The patients' wellbeing is our prime concern, and they often tire easily, so we ask that only close family and friends visit. The nurse may limit visiting if necessary. Children can only visit patients in the Unit with the permission of the nurse-in-charge, and after risks of infection have been explained to the responsible adult. The nurse-in-charge has the authority not to allow children into the Unit.

During your visit, your loved one or other patients close by may need care and/or treatment, so you may be asked to wait in the reception area.
When the Unit's ward rounds are taking place, which is at approximately 11am each day, in the interests of patient confidentiality it will be necessary for any visitors to wait in either the family waiting room or the reception area.

Any visitors who are asked to come in between 9.30pm and 6am should report to the Maternity entrance and reception. For security reasons the receptionist will not be able to escort you to the Critical Care Unit, but staff will make arrangements to enable you to gain access to the Unit. Please ask a nurse to show you the 24-hour exit opposite the South Wards entrance when you wish to leave, as you cannot exit by the main door during the night.