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Facilities for visitors

Car parking
Please use the visitors' car parks. If you need a weekly parking permit (at a reduced cost) please speak to the nurse looking after your relative.

These are located in the waiting area in the Critical Care Unit reception and downstairs in South Wards reception.

Pay phones are located in the Critical Care Unit reception. Mobile phones may be safely used in the family room.

Refreshments are available from the restaurants, which are open daily.Retail outlets are located in South Wards reception and Outpatients reception.

Accommodation facilities
Unfortunately we have very limited short-term accommodation for one or two family members only. This accommodation is situated in the main hospital and is some distance from the Unit. In an emergency we may have to ask you to vacate these rooms at short notice.

Patient's belongings and personal possessions
We may ask you to take away some belongings and valuables for safekeeping due to limited storage space. If so, you will be asked to sign a property and valuables book where the items will be listed. You may like to leave personal toiletries, glasses and hearing aids – please ensure these are labelled clearly with the patient's name.

In the interests of hygiene, please do not bring food or drink into the Unit. We do not have facilities to keep patient food or drinks.

Research suggests that certain bio yogurts may be beneficial to patients in Critical Care. Please ask the nurse caring for your relative if this is appropriate.

In order to promote sleep, our patients are settled for the night around 8pm.

The Critical Care Unit works closely with a specialist nurse who has an extended knowledge about organ donation and end of life care. If this is a subject that you would like more information about, please ask
the nurse who is caring for your relative to arrange a meeting with the nurse for you. There are also leaflets in the waiting room and reception for your information.

Ipswich Hospital operates a no smoking policy. Mobile phones must be switched off before entering the Critical Care Unit as they can interfere with the equipment used to treat and monitor the patients. Mobiles can be used in the family room.