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What happens when you are referred to the service

Your GP, consultant, or the Back and Neck Service will let you know they are referring you to the Chronic Pain Management Service. Once the referral has been processed, you will be contacted by the Hospital’s call centre. They will offer you a first appointment either over the telephone, or by writing to you. You will need to confirm that the appointment time is suitable for you (if it is not, you can re-arrange it).

At your first appointment, which usually lasts for 30 minutes, you will meet with a pain management consultant or specialist nurse. It is helpful if you can bring with you a list of your current medications, how often you take them, and details of the dosage (the amount you take). They will ask you questions about your pain, its effects on your life, what medications you are on, how you currently manage your pain, and about your lifestyle and current circumstances more generally.

At this appointment, the consultant or specialist nurse will discuss with you the best course of action. They may make changes to your medication, suggest procedures or interventions, or refer you on to see another professional in the team for more support with pain management. They may also refer you to one of our groups. They may ask you to come back for a review after a few months so they can see how you are getting on, and decide with you whether you need any further input, treatment or support.

Please note: In line with Hospital policy, if you fail to attend an appointment without warning us in advance then we will discharge you from the Service. All future appointments or procedures you have booked with the Pain Clinic will be cancelled.