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Managing pain in the community

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Together with your GP, you can decide whether a referral to our service would be helpful. Not everyone who has chronic (long-term) pain will need a referral to our service to see a pain specialist. Your GP can advise you on pain medication, and can help you to find out about and access other community-based services which can help you with managing your pain and advise on self-help techniques for pain.

If you and your GP decide that you can manage your pain adequately yourself without the need for a referral to us, you might still find some of the information on our website helpful. In particular, you might like to take a look at the sections on:

There are also other resources which are helpful in providing advice and support about managing a pain condition.

The British Pain Society has some helpful resources on its website, which you might find useful in helping you to understand and manage your chronic pain condition.
Click here to go to the British Pain Society website.

Moodjuice, an NHS organisation based in Scotland, have some really useful information on how to manage chronic pain on their website.
Click here to view Moodjuice's detailed online leaflet.

The Pain Toolkit is another very useful resource. You can download or look at an information leaflet about the Pain Toolkit online, and the website has many other resources on it too.
Click here to go to the Pain Toolkit website.

Ready to Change, a local NHS organisation, run wellbeing courses and pain management workshops in Suffolk. You can refer yourself by contacting them on 0300 123 1781. More details are available on their website – click here to go to the Ready to Change website.

You might also like to consider attending a support group, to meet others in a similar position and help with coping and advice. Two local support groups are:

Bury St Edmunds Chronic Pain Support Group

Regular group meeting at Bury Hospital, with invited speakers and special events.

Telephone icon Contact Linda Reid on 07719 497989

Computer icon Email: info@chronicpainsupportgroup.co.uk

Computer icon Website: www.chronicpainsupportgroup.co.uk

But You Don’t Look Ill – Suffolk

Regular group meetings in Great Cornard.

Computer icon Email: bydlisuffolk@gmail.com

Computer icon Website: http://butyoudontlookill.onesuffolk.net/

There are also some condition-specific websites which you might find of interest. UK Fibromyalgia has a range of useful information and support for people who have fibromyalgia. Arthritis Care and Arthritis Research UK offer advice, support and information to those living with arthritis.