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Faith Resources

There are a limited number of artefacts and resources within the Department of Spiritual and Pastoral Care available for use by people from a range of faith and belief groups. These are currently located either in the entrance lobby or at the rear of the Chapel.

Royal College of Nursing - Spirituality in Nursing Care: A Pocket Guide

Information about Organ Donation and Faith from organdonation.nhs.uk

What is Organ Donation?

Organ Donation and Ethnicity

Buddhism and Organ Donation

Christianity and Organ Donation

Hinduism and Organ Donation

Islam and Organ Donation

Judaism and Organ Donation

Sikhism and Organ Donation

Faith card
A double-sided A4 'card' has been produced by Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource which outlines information about elements of the major world religions which may be useful to people in a healthcare environment.

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