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Consultants' Specialities

There are six consultant clinical oncologists and two consultant haematologists who work within Cancer Services, supported by nursing and administrative staff. There are also two palliative care consultants who are based in the department and also work at the local St Elizabeth Hospice.

The consultant clinical oncologists each have their own areas of speciality, which are listed below.

The consultant oncologists are supported by a clinical assistant, two registrars (who are on rotation with Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge) and three senior house officers who also work with the Haematology Department.

The consultant haematologists share the care of all patients with haematological diseases. A specialist registrar who is on rotation with Addenbrooke’s supports the consultant haematologists, as does a senior house officer who also works with the Oncology Department.

 Consultant Speciality
Secretary Telephone
 Dr J Morgan Lymphoma, gynaecology, lung, sarcomas 01473 704319
 Dr C Scrase Head and neck, urology, thyroid 01473 704908
 Dr T Podd Skin, brain, lung, stomach, oesophagus 01473 704906
 Dr K Sherwin Breast, sarcomas 01473 704915
 Dr R Soomal Gastro-intestinal, colorectal, GIST, anal 01473 704915
 Dr A Ademokun Haematology 01473 703718
 Dr I Chalmers Haematology 01473 703718
 Dr I Whally Haematology 01473 703718
 Dr R Venkitarman Breast, urology, testicular 01473 704915
 Dr S King Palliative Care 01473 704932
Dr Blaken Palliative Care 01473 704932