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Cancer Services
Welcome to the Ipswich Hospital Cancer Services Department Website

Our aim is to provide the best possible standards of cancer treatment, care and support for patients and carers by pursuing a policy of continuous improvement and research. The Cancer Service involves a number of departments within the Trust including surgery, medicine, diagnostics and the Department of Oncology and Haematology which specialises in the treatment of cancer and is situated in the Woolverstone Wing at the north end of the hospital.

The department provides all types of radiotherapy and a full range of chemotherapy treatments for solid tumours and haematological disorders. This includes primary therapy and adjuvant therapy following surgery as well as the complete care of peripheral blood stem cell autologus marrow transplants excluding harvesting which is done at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

The service recognises the fundamental importance of primary care in the management of patients with cancer, and close links have been formed with primary care cancer leads. There are also well established palliative care links with St Elizabeth Hospice situated close by.

The Trust’s adult specialist cancer services have been developed to include:
  • gynae-oncology centre providing for East Suffolk, North and Mid Essex;
  • interim pancreatic cancer centre for the Eastern Region;
  • urology hub and spoke model with links to Norfolk Cancer Network and into St Bart’s London;
  • level 3 haemato-oncology centre with links to West Anglia Cancer Network;
  • network upper GI service with Mid Essex; and
  • lung service linked to Norwich.

The Trust’s adolescent cancer services require an improved focus and discussions are ongoing with Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to develop these.

The paediatric cancer services are provided through a 'paediatric oncology shared care unit' (POSCU) arrangement with Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Chemotherapy is provided for the paediatric service by the cytotoxic pharmacy service, including intrathecal chemotherapy and is supported by an intrathecal policy covering both adults and paediatric areas.