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Cancer Research Office

Research plays an active role in treatment delivery in both oncology and haematology. The treatment you receive is the best known about at the time and it is given based on evidence that it is the best, obtained from previous research. It is considered an important part of care to offer any current clinical trial or research project to patients.

To ensure that new treatments are not adopted without good evidence and old methods are not held on to despite new treatments, we support relevant approved clinical trials into new drugs, procedures and methods of treatment.

Research and clinical trials undertaken in Cancer Services are coordinated through the Cancer Research Office situated in Clinical Oncology. The office is promoting more projects led by the staff in the Trust and has developed projects in collaboration with universities and other hospitals. To date we have been part of 180 different projects.

The Cancer Research Office works closely with the Trust’s Research and Development Office.

Cancer Research Office Staff

 Paul Ridley  Lead Clinical Trials Practitioner  01473 704389
 Sue Hood  Research Nurse – Dermatology and Oncology  
 Rita Ng  Research Nurse  01473 704389
Selvaraj Kirubah  Research Nurse 01473 704389
 Angharad Williams  Research Practitioner  01473 704389
 Mandy Riley  Research Radiographer  01473 704389
 Kerry Howlett  Senior Pharmacy Technician  01473 704287
 Natalie Lloyd  Data Manager  01473 704389
 Sue Upson  Admin Assistant  01473 704389

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Ipswich Cancer Research Charity Fund (Ipswich CaRes)

Ipswich CaRes, Department of Oncology (N045),
The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
Tel: 01473 704389
Email: paul.ridley@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk

Ipswich CaRes is part of the Ipswich Hospital registered charity 1048827: fund number 10558.

Ipswich CaRes is dedicated to bring the benefit of breakthrough research in systemic anti-cancer treament and cutting edge research in radiotherapy, to benefit the local population in Suffolk.  We are a team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physicists, radiographers and allied health professionals, working together for the advancement of medical knowledge and improving treatment outcomes, thereby saving lives. Ipswich CaRes, working through Ipswich Hospital, is part of national and international research networks undertaking pioneering clinical cancer research. Contributing to the Ipswich Cares charity will provide us with the essential resources for conducting pathbreaking research thereby helping our patients with cancer.