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Clinical management is multiprofessional and highly structured and supports a range of complex treatments as well as palliative and terminal care. Patients rarely need to be referred to other specialist centres for treatment.

The Day Unit

The Day Unit was opened in 1995 so patients could have chemotherapy and a range of other procedures and treatments as an outpatient, rather than being admitted to hospital.

Blood testing

There is a phlebotomist (person who takes blood for testing) based in the department, during clinic times, and a blood analyser system to provide the blood results needed before chemotherapy treatment quickly.

Outpatient services

There are a number of related outpatient services including a specialised lymphoedema (a swelling that develops as a result of an impaired lymphatic system) clinic.

John Le Vay Cancer Information Centre

The John Le Vay Cancer Information Centre is located on the ground floor of the Woolverstone Wing, next to the Oncology/Haematology Department. The centre offers information on all types of cancer and its management, emotional support from a cancer nurse specialist and a quiet area with refreshments. Sessions can be arranged for complementary therapies, counselling and benefit advice (see below). >> More information about the Cancer Information Centre.

Telephone: 01473 715748 Opening times: Monday–Friday, 8.30am–4.30pm.

The nearest car park is Car Park F. View car parking information.
The nearest entrance is Entrance 15.
The Cancer Information Centre is at the north end of hospital, signposted within the Woolverstone Wing. View hospital map.

Counselling and complementary therapies

This service offers specialised support. Click here for more information.


The administrative team are an important part of the service. The receptionists, secretaries and staff responsible for collecting data to assist the medical teams with audit, governance and statistics and are there to support all areas of the service. We also rely on staff to prepare notes for clinics and ensure patient’s results are available.

The Cancer Information Team has been established over the past year and consists of pathway coordinators who support the administrative element of the cancer patient’s pathway across the Trust, to ensure timely appointments and the timely treatment of patients. The Trust is achieving its two-week wait, 31 and 62-day waiting times targets in the treatment of patients.

Quality and governance

This is an extremely important priority for cancer services and the governance group monitors and advises on the quality of existing services and the development of future services. The services are externally accredited to ISO9000 quality management with annual assessment.


The department is accredited for postgraduate training in clinical oncology. The School of Radiography is based at Ipswich and student radiographers receive clinical experience here and across the region.