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Safe Staffing Data

Our hospital welcomes the Safer Staff guidelines which require all NHS hospitals to publish detailed figures regarding the staffing levels on the inpatient wards. This report includes all inpatient wards and shows data about registered nurses/ midwives and healthcare assistants/midwifery assistants during the day and night, seven days a week. A safe staffing level is worked out for each ward known as the ward establishment. These new figures show us whether – at all times of the day and night – we are achieving these levels.

It is a guide at a glance to see if we are matching the numbers of nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants and midwifery assistants we know we need to provide safe, compassionate, high quality care (which is expressed in the overall total of number of hours needed across the whole month) with the reality of what we achieved.

We need to give you four key figures. These are:

  • Number of hours planned for registered nurses.
  • Numbers of hours actually worked by registered nurses.
  • Numbers of hours planned for healthcare assistants.
  • Number of hours actually worked by registered nurses.

Here are our most recent results:

Percentage of planned hours that were actually worked:

  • Registered nurses – Day: 97.30%
  • Registered nurses – Night: 98.30%
  • Healthcare assistants – Day: 94.90%
  • Healthcare assistants – Night: 99.4%

Ward level staffing data will be published below when it becomes available.

The Trust has increased the registered nurse staffing levels on our four complex (older people) care wards. We are continuing to attract high calibre colleagues to work with us on our nursing recruitment programme which is progressing very well. Our nursing staff levels are monitored 24 hours a day by senior nurses who carry out robust risk assessments.

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