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Sunday, 30 August 2015
Meet the Trust Board

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Nick Hulme Barbara Buckley    Paul Scott
Nick Hulme
Chief Executive

Dr Barbara Buckley
Medical Director

Lisa Nobes
Acting Director of Nursing and Quality /
Director of Infection Prevention and Control
Paul Scott
Director of Finance
and Performance
   Neill Moloney Anne Tate Julie Fryatt
Clare Edmondson
Director of Human Resources
Neill Moloney
Chief Operating Officer
Ann Tate CBE
Julie Fryatt
Director of Foundation Trust
 Alan Bateman  Tony Thompson  Laurence Collins
 Alan Bateman
Non-Executive Director
and Deputy Chairman
 Tony Thompson
Non-Executive Director
 Laurence Collins
Non-Executive Director
 Rajan Jethwa Andrew George
Rajan Jethwa
Non-Executive Director
Andrew George
Non-Executive Director