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Violent Behaviour

Ipswich Hospital has a duty to provide a safe and secure environment for patients, staff and visitors. We will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour and we will take decisive action to protect staff, patients and visitors.

The following are examples of behaviour, which are not acceptable to the Trust:

  • excessive noise for example, loud or intrusive conversation or shouting;
  • threatening or abusive language involving excessive swearing or offensive remarks;
  • derogatory racial or sexual remarks;
  • malicious allegations relating to members of staff, other patients or visitors;
  • offensive sexual gestures or behaviours;
  • abusing alcohol or drugs in hospital (all medically identified substance abuse problems will be treated appropriately);
  • drug dealing;
  • wilful damage to Trust property;
  • theft;
  • threats of violent behaviour; and
  • violence.
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