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Tuesday, 20 March 2018
Assistant Practitioner Role

Non-registered, band 4 practitioners deliver aspects of care traditionally associated with registered professionals, this can include leading a team of HCAs, delivering clinical skills such as wound management, scrubbing for theatre cases, leading an outpatient clinic list or planning discharge for patients. It does not include administration of medicines.

Currently we have trainee assistant practitioners working in theatres, wards and outpatient areas.

The trainee role is a two-year developmental programme at band 3 leading to band 4 on completion of work based and academic requirements.

UCS provide a Foundation Degree over two years which provides theoretical aspects of the role. Trainees attend University of Suffolk for one day per week, they are expected to complete written assignments, make presentations and complete computer based learning. Work based learning projects are part of the Foundation Degree requirement in addition there are two sets of Trust competencies to be completed.

Applicants must meet an academic level of Maths and English A-C or a recognised equivalent. Evidence of recent study, such as an NVQ or A levels is advantageous.

We also offer the Foundation degree to HCAs who are looking to advance their knowledge as an academic course. They complete the foundation degree without the clinical competencies. Once completed it provides the entry criteria  for Workbased Nurse Pathway.