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Welcome to Ipswich Hospital

You can discover more about the hospital by viewing our new film. Introduced by one of our consultant surgeons, the film tells you more about the achievements, successes and challenges of the hospital. 

If you don't have access to YouTube, click here to download and view the video.

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Striving for excellence in everything we do is the focus of all our work within the Trust. This website has been designed to give you an insight into all of our different specialties.

We believe very strongly that this hospital belongs to the community, and our community plays a vital role in the life of the hospital. There are almost 8,000 people a day on the hospital site, which covers 46 acres, so we are the size of a small town.

The life of the hospital is enriched by the work of more than 400 volunteers, local people who generously give their time to help staff and patients throughout the Trust. We are also very proud of our own radio station – Hospital Radio Ipswich, run by dedicated and skilled volunteers, and our own big band – The Ipswich Hospital Band. Many of the musicians are members of staff, and the band has raised many thousands of pounds for health related charities throughout the years.