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Bergholt Ward specialises in caring for children and babies from 0 - 16 years old, and provides family-centred care.

Ward telephone no(s): 01473 702194 or 702195
Cordless landline: 01473 270112
Sister: Hannah Page
Nearest car park:
Nearest entrance:
Directions from entrance to ward:
Car Park F. View car parking information.
Entrance 2 (South Wards)
From entrance 2 follow the signs to Bergholt Ward. View hospital map.
Overview: 21-bedded paediatric ward specialising in caring for children and babies from 0 - 16 years old, and provides family-centred care.
Visiting times: Visiting for parents is not restricted so you may visit at any time.
Lunch is a protected mealtime so please do not visit between 12.30 and 1.30pm.
Visiting time for anyone other than parents start at 2pm, after ward rounds and protected lunchtime, and end at 7pm so that the little ones can settle down to sleep.
Please remember that we cannot be responsible for children who are visiting, including brothers and sisters.
All children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
Visitors who are unwell themselves should not visit the ward, in order to protect vulnerable children.
No of visitors per bed: We ask that there are no more than two visitors at any one time.
Meal times: Breakfast:  8 am
Lunch:      12 noon
Dinner:       5 pm
Ward rounds: Daily ward rounds are made by the consultant on call, usually in the mornings.
Amenity fund: Bergholt Ward Fund 303
Additional information: Key contact:
Good communication is very important to everyone: the patient, the family carer, relatives, friends and the nursing team. We would therefore be grateful if one person such as the family carer or a relative or friend becomes the 'key contact' to enquire about the patient's progress during their stay on the ward, and then passes this information on to others who may be concerned.

All other information can be found in the 'Staying as an Inpatient' booklet.


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