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Osteoporosis Clinic
Main clinic telephone no(s): 01473 702571 or 702295
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Overview: This clinic treats outpatients with osteoporosis, which is a condition that affects the bones, causing them to become weak, fragile and more easy to break
Clinic times: 8.30 -5.30pm Monday – Friday.

FLS (Fracture Liason Service clinics) are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Thursday and Friday mornings.

DXA appointments are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Thursday and Friday afternoons.
What to expect at your appointment: If you are coming in for a DXA appointment, please wear loose fitting clothes. It is not usually necessary to undress for this test. Your scan and consultation will take about 30 minutes overall.
When and where to get results of any tests: If you attend a Fracture Liason clinic your results will be given at your appointment. If you attend a DXA your GP or consultant who made the referral will have your results in 2-3 weeks.