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Main clinic telephone no(s): 01473 702050 or 01473 702042
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Car Park F. View car parking information.
Entrance 3
Our reception area directly inside from entrance 3. View hospital map.
Overview: Within the orthopaedic and fracture department we hold several types of clinic. The pre-operative clinics - nurse specialist led clinic, to assess patients prior to surgery.

Education groups - A one off group session appointment for patients prior to their hip or knee replacement surgery.

Hand therapy clinics - Running at the same time as upper limb consultant clinics for ward review, splint application and rehabilitation.
Clinic times: Clinic times - Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm
Plaster room - Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 5 pm. Friday 8:00 am to 1pm.
What to expect at your appointment: There can be up to 5 consultant clinics taking place per session which can lead to a large number of people with appointments especially when fracture clinics are running. As part of your treatment it may be necessary for several procedures to be performed such as x-ray, change of cast and wound review which may encounter waits in each area.

It may be necessary to undress for your examination but a gown or sarong will be provided for dignity. You may wish to bring shorts with you to your appointment.
When and where to get results of any tests: Information will be given at the time of your appointment regarding how and when you will get your results and you will be advised if there actions to be taken.
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