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Newborn Hearing Screening Clinic
Main clinic telephone no(s): 01473 707315
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Directions from entrance to clinic:
We advise families to use the short stay car park as an appointment usually lasts 15 minutes. View car parking information.
Entrance 6 (Main Outpatients)
From Entrance 6 follow the signs for Clinic E (Audiology). View hospital map.
Overview: The team is responsible for performing hearing screening on all the babies born in hospital and all those who have been on the neonatal unit. We aim to offer screening to all babies before they are discharged. Babies born at home are also screened in Ipswich and throughout central Suffolk.
An average of 4,000 babies are screened per year.  
Clinic times: Thursdays in the Audiology Department (Clinic E).
What to expect at your appointment: The whole country now performs Newborn Hearing Screening and is divided into sites. Each site has a coordinator. We are led by the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme  (NHSP). We follow strict guidelines and protocols set by them. They send us reports of our screening activity every three months, to ensure we meet the screening targets that they set. We have a Quality and Assurance visit each year, where a team is sent to assess our screening, audiology and after care services. Last year the screening service received an assessment from the team of 'well above average' so we really happy that we are providing a good, family friendly service.
We run clinics for babies born at home or missed in hospital.