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Main clinic telephone no: 01473 704033
Nearest car park:
Nearest entrance:
Directions from entrance to clinic:
Car Park G. View car parking information.
Entrance 15 (North)
From entrance 15 turn right and the Lymphoedema Clinic is situated opposite the red pillar box in the corridor. View hospital map.
Overview: This clinic provides outpatient appointments to primary and secondary lymphoedema. We accept referrals through your GP, consultant, nurse or any other healthcare professional who feels you need treatment.
Clinic times: Tuesday to Friday,  8am - 3pm
What to expect at your appointment: A full lymphoedema assessment will be carried out at your first appointment consisting of methods of measuring the swelling and examining the skin and tissues. A full medical history will be taken to determine the cause of the swelling.
What is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is a network of fine collecting vessels and lymph nodes that carry lymph (a waste product) away from your tissues. Lymph is collected from all over the body and re-enters the bloodstream at the neck.
What is lymphoedema? Lymphoedema is a chronic swelling that does not go down after a few months and does not respond to water tablets or elevation if you have leg swelling.
What causes lymphoedema? Damage to the lymphatic system from conditions such as cancer and cancer treatments, surgery, cellulitis, injuries and deep vein blood clots. This is called secondary lymphoedema. Some people are born with an already abnormal lymphatic system and may develop lymphoedema at any time in their life. This is called primary lymphoedema.
Treatment: This will be tailored to you depending on the severity of your swelling. Lymphoedema is a chronic condition and the aim of treatment is to reduce your swelling to a manageable level and give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with it yourself, for life, with the support of the Lymphoedema Clinic.


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