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Clinic G

Entrance to Clinic G (Cardiology).

Heart Failure Clinic






Main clinic telephone
01473 703754 or 703135
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Nearest entrance:
Directions from entrance to clinic:
Car Park F. View car parking information.
Entrance 6
Enter the main outpatient's department, turn left then take second turning on the right - Clinic G (Cardiology) is on the right hand side of this corridor. View hospital map.
Overview: The Heart Failure Clinic helps patients improve their quality of life by helping to manage the symptoms of heart failure. Patients are educated about their condition and ways in which it can be controlled. The service is delivered by a specialist nurse with the clinical support of the consultant cardiologists. Patients with a diagnosis of heart failure will receive optimisation of heart failure therapy and support. 
Clinic times: Monday 9am - 12.30pm
Tuesday 9am - 12.30pm
Wednesday - 2pm - 4pm
Friday 9pm - 12.30pm
What to expect at your appointment: On arrival at the Heart Failure Clinic you will be seen by a cardiology nurse specialist. You will be provided with close monitoring and follow up, medication review, assessment of educational needs and advice on self management strategies. Once patients are on maximum therapy and stable, they will be discharged to the care of their GP or to the care of the Community Heart Failure nurses. If required further investigations will be arranged.
When and where to get results of any tests:  An echocardiogram will be carried out prior to appointment for confirmation of diagnosis will be available on the day of the clinic. Other investigations will be carried out as required eg monitoring of bloods is essential.

A variety of British Heart Foundation patient information leaflets are available if required.